The most versatile self-service kiosk on the market

Show catalogs, sales assistant, purchase without queuing ... discover its advantages.

Discover its characteristics

The PayThunder self-service kiosks offer the merchant a fully versatile tool capable of satisfying any customer inquiry completely.

Many businesses already have this type of kiosks and are increased their sales thanks to being able to serve many more customers in the shortest time possible, PayThunder offers you to have one of these customizable kiosks and give your business the impulse you need.

Commercial Catalogue

Shows complete catalogues to the client and with the ease To be able to modify any item at any time or add new ones without having to turn off the kiosk.

Map of the Place

It Shows a plan of the establishment, shopping center, fair… Detailed and interactive.

Sales Assistant

If There is a problem the PayThunder virtual assistant, Genie, will assist in your purchases, if you want, you can get an assistant with custom avatar.

Fast Charging

PayThunder Self-service kiosks can incorporate a POS to make the payment of purchases quickly, the staff will prepare the order and you can pick it up at the counter.

No queues, no waits

Avoid queuing to pay, look for the items you need, make the cart, pay and collect your complete order, fast and safe.

Advertising and Events

Show Promociociones and offers on the big screen that the kiosk incorporates, when the kiosk is not in use can be an advertising banner.

Requirements for the use of the Kiosk Self-service

Paythunder could provide the whole system.


Web Responsive

It Is necessary to use a responsive web capable of adapting to mobile versions, currently most websites already have this feature.


Online Shop

It Is necessary to have an on-line shop with a wide catalogue, in case of not owning, PayThunder offers a web design service.


Enclosed Enclosure

We Want to offer the highest security and functionality in our products, therefore we recommend the use of the kiosk indoors.

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